Elvington Home Learning Projects – Week 12

Please find below the relevant home learning tasks for week beginning Monday 29th June 2020. Once the children complete the activities, please feel free to share these with us on our Twitter page or via the email addresses below…

If you need any advice regarding home learning, please email Mrs. Holmes: s.holmes@elvingtonprimary.org.uk

Can I please remind you that the children who attend school will be working on the same home learning tasks as those individuals staying at home. An increased number of staff will be in school (this will heavily restrict their ability to support home learning, as the staff will be working their contracted hours in school). I will continue be here each day – head@elvingtonprimary.org.uk

A number of videos have been created for your child/ren. Here are the links:
Miss. Palmer’s – https://youtu.be/FRCDRM_8n0I

Mrs. Marjoram’s – https://youtu.be/tr82TwUhavk and task sheet – solid, liquid or gas worksheet

Mrs. Holmes’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oUCzz1T80M

Please remember that the attachments below should be viewed as a menu to select from – there is no expectation to complete everything.
In addition, only print when necessary.

This week we will be setting a number of sporting challenges (via Twitter). Please look out for these and let us know what you achieve…

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in working together to ensure the safety and well-being of all those in our school community.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Andrew Buttery


Home Learning Class 1 (EYFS) – Week 12

EYFS – I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 4 Set 1

EYFS – I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 4 Set 2

EYFS – I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 4 Set 3

EYFS – I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 4 Set 4

EYFS – I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 4 Set 5

Year 1

Home Learning Class 2 (Year 1) – Week 12

Y1- Fraction of Amounts

Y1- Part 2- There’s An Octopus Under my Bed

Y1- Plural Nouns Activity

Y1-2- Melt the Ice Sheet

Y1-2- SPAG Sentences

Year 2

Home Learning Class 2 (Year 2) – Week 12

Y2- Fraction of Amount work

Y2- Meet Tony Ross

Y2- Super Spelling Activity

Y1-2- SPAG Sentences

Y1-2- Melt the Ice Sheet

Year 3

Home Learning Class 3 (Year 3) – Week 12

Year 4

Year 4 week 12

Y4 women’s world cup comprehension

Y4 SPAG mystery of the runner

Y4 maths mat 6

Y4 fraction discussion task

Y4 and Y5 example advert

ordering fractions

Year 5

Year 5 week 12

Y5 SPAG mystery The obstacle course catastrophe

Y5 Paralympian reading comprehension

Y5 ordering fractions (more challenging)

Y5 maths mat 6

Y5 equivalent fractions discussion tasks

ordering fractions

Year 6

Home Learning Class 5 (Year 6) – Week 12

Y6 Celtic knotwork

Y6 changes game

Y6 dice net

Y6 dotted paper 1cm

Y6 Financial Literacy 3 and 4

Y6 Holes Chapter 37 -42

Y6 Mystery of the Missing Umpire

Y6 Transition Pack One