Year 6 SATs Meeting – 4pm, Thursday 01-02-24

We would like to invite parents and carers of the Year 6 children to a Year Six Parents’ meeting where we can show you how home and school can best support your child. The meeting will take place on Thursday 1st February, at 4pm and will be a virtual meeting. Families have been sent further information about this, including details for joining the Google Meet, via email.

The session will cover the strategies we use in class and offer some practical ways for you to support and encourage your child/ren in their learning. We hope this will help give you a clear picture of your child’s learning journey during this period of preparation. During the meeting you will have the opportunity to see examples of test style questions that your children will be presented with during the SATs tests (13th – 16th May 2024).

If it is not possible for you to attend the aforementioned meeting, a copy of the PowerPoint will also be uploaded to the School website.

Whilst we do encourage your child to take these tests seriously, and use them to demonstrate all that they are capable of, it is important to remember that all the children in Year 6 are special and unique irrespective of a test. The value and worth of each child cannot be quantified by a test level and nor should it.