York School Sports Network Speed Bounce Challenge

We have been asked to step up for a Challenge! We are looking for pupils to take part in a virtual competition. For this challenge, you will need a towel, balance, coordination and stamina!

Place a rolled up towel on the floor or row of cones. Stand feet together with the towel/cones next to the outside of one of your feet. Jump sideways over the towel/ cones making sure your feet stay together finishing with the cone on the outside of the opposite foot. Repeat back and too as fast as you can in 20 seconds.

Each bounce equals 1 point.

Try as many times as you like, but your score will start to reduce if you get too tired. Once finished, go online to register your best score. This way, you can help our school to win the Speed Bounce Challenge!

Either login to www.koboca.co.uk and use the username and password, or use the URL, that were in the letter sent out to families.