Nut Free School – Important Information

From September we will be a nut free school.  Nuts can cause severe allergic reactions in a wide range of ways.  A person with an allergy does not have to eat nuts to have a severe reaction, this can be caused by surface contact and airborne particles.  Peanut allergy affects around 2% (1 in 50) of children in the UK and has been increasing in recent decades.

It is important to know that peanuts are a legume and from a different family of plants to tree nuts.  A peanut allergy does not automatically mean an allergy to tree nuts although it is not uncommon to be allergic to both peanuts and some tree nuts.

As a school we have a responsibility to keep our pupils, staff and visitors safe and to reduce risk of harm.  As you can imagine in a busy school environment this can be a challenge and following consideration, we feel the only way to protect the aforementioned groups is by removing the allergens from school.

 What will this mean?
– Pupils staff and visitors will not be able to bring products containing nuts or peanuts into school.
– Parents and carers must notify staff if their child has any known or suspected allergy to nuts and provide the necessary medical information.

What products will not be allowed in school?
– Peanuts and nuts and products containing peanuts or nuts.
– Peanut butter or peanut based chocolate snacks, for example Snickers and nut based chocolate spreads etc.
– Items where peanuts or nuts are listed as main ingredients.
– Nut or peanut based oils or products.
This list is not exhaustive, so please check the packaging of products carefully.

What products are allowed?
– Items that “may contain nuts” and “may contain traces of nuts” or “made in factories that use nuts”.  These present a low risk and are not direct ingredients in the products.
– All other non-nut based snacks and food stuff that fit our healthy school approach.

To find out more information about nut and peanut allergies please follow this link:

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our children safe in school.

Kind regards,
Mr. Andrew Buttery
Elvington Church of England  Primary School

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