Hand Washing and Coronavirus Advice

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As you will be aware, we are encouraging the children to wash their hands more often and for longer periods of time whilst they are at school (please see the attached poster for more information).  Coronavirus advice for educational settings poster

We have noticed that some of the children are suffering from sore hands as a result. If you are concerned about your child’s hands, you may send hand cream into school for your child to use. We just ask that it is kept in the cloakroom, only used by your child and does not contain nuts.  As always in such cases, it might be worth individuals seeking medical advice as to which cream may be best for sore hands.

As a school we are receiving daily updates from both the Department for Education and City of York Council.  We will continue to action the advice we are given.

Sharon Stoltz, director of public health at City of York Council, stated the following:

 “We are in regular contact with all academy trusts, Headteachers and early years settings with updates on coronavirus from the Department of Health and Social Care. The Department for Education (DfE) has also released guidance for schools and educational settings (see www.york.gov.uk/coronavirus) and a helpline to answer questions about coronavirus related to education is now open. Staff, parents and young people can get in touch by:

“In line with government advice, we are advising schools how to prevent infection by avoiding exposure to the virus with handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes and throwing tissues in the bin, and staying at home if you are feeling unwell.

“At the moment, there is no reason to keep children at home unless they are unwell and unfit for school, or they’ve been in contact with confirmed cases, or have visited the countries listed as high risk. It is important to maintain attendance at school to ensure children receive the education to which they are entitled and achieve the best outcomes.”

Thank you for your understanding and continued support…