The role of school governor is a voluntary one, and the governing body is made up of members from the teaching and support staff, parents, the local community and representatives from Elvington Parish Church.

The governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in school by supporting the headteacher in setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction; holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and holding the main responsibility for the finance of the school, and it is the governors who work with the headteacher to make the decisions about balancing resources.  The role of governor is largely a thinking and questioning role, not a doing role.  The day to day operational management of the school is delegated to the headteacher and the senior leadership team.

We meet as a full governing body each term.  Each governor will also contribute to one or more of the following sub committees:

  • Staffing, Finance & Premises (four times per year, also attended by Ms Carolyn Arden Bursar and SBM)
  • Health & Safety Working Party (also attended by the school caretaker)
  • Achievement and Curriculum (four times per year)
  • Head Teacher Performance Management (twice per year)
  • Pay Committee (twice per year, also attended by the headteacher)

Governors may also be seen in and around school when on a visit to a specific area or attending one of the many events held at School.  We look forward to meeting with you through the course of the school year.

Name of GovernorCategory of GovernorAppointing BodyTerm of Office - startCommittee MembershipAdditional ResponsibilitiesDeclaration of Relevant InterestsOther Governorships
Mrs Susan ShawFoundationDiocesan Board01/09/15 -31/08/19Achievement and Curriculum; Pay Committee; Head Teacher Performance ManagementChair of Governors; Chair of the Achievement & Curriculum Committee; Class 1 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Mr Bill PiggFoundationDiocesan Board01/01/16 -31/12/19Staffing, Finance & Premises; Pay Committee; Health & Safety Working Party; Head Teacher Performance ManagementVice Chair of Governors; Chair of the Pay Committee; Class 2 Link GovernorDirector - Holden Consult Ltd. 1/5/17 - ongoing
Director - Dr Bill Pigg Consultancy Ltd. 1/5/17 - ongoing
Miss Linda CollierHeadteacherEx Officio - In Post by virtue of their office01/09/15 -ongoingStaffing, Finance & Premises; Achievement & Curriculum; Health & Safety Working Party.Ofsted Team Inspector 01/06/2017 - ongoingN/A
Mr Phil WattLocal AuthorityNominated by the LA; appointed by the Governing Body10/10/17-09/10/21Achievement & CurriculumClass 2 Link GovernorDirector of Propelo (School Improvement Organisation) 10/10/17-ongoingN/A
Mr Richard HornerCo-optedGoverning Body31/10/16 -30/10/20Staffing, Finance & PremisesChair of the Staffing, Finance & Premises Committee; Class 4 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Miss Jodie TateCo-optedGoverning Body16/01/17 -15/01/21Staffing Finance & Premises, Pay Committee; Head Teacher Performance ManagementSafeguarding and Class 1 Link GovernorEmployee at Sainsbury's SupermarketsN/A
Mr Nick MorganCo-opted ParentGoverning Body19/07/17 -18/07/21Staffing, Finance & PremisesClass 5 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Professor Chris BojkeParentParents24/03/17 -23/03/21Achievement & CurriculumClass 3 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Miss Rosanne JacksonParentParents23/10/17 - 22/10/21tbctbcNestle 08/1999 - ongoing
Yorkshire Fencing 03/2017 - ongoing
Mrs Sue ChallisCo-opted StaffGoverning Body23/03/15 -22/03/19Health & Safety Working Party; Achievement & CurriculumChair of the Health & Safety Working Party; Class 4 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Miss Jill RichardsStaffStaff20/03/18 -19/03/22tbctbctbctbc
Janet EdgarClerkClerking ServiceOngoing

Former Members of the Governing Body

The following are former members who have served on the Governing Body in the past year.

Name of GovernorCategory of GovernorAppointing BodyTerm of OfficeCommittee MembershipAdditional ResponsibilitiesDeclaration of Relevant InterestsOther Governorships
Miss Laura RushmerStaffStaff12/11/15 -25/02/18Achievement and CurriculumClass 5 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Mrs Jo WedgwoodParentParents11/10/2013 -4/10/2017Achievement & Curriculum committee; Health & Safety Working PartyClass 2 Link GovernorN/AN/A
Mrs Vicky CrinnionCo-opted StaffGoverning BodyResigned July '17Staffing Finance & Premises, Health and SafetyN/AN/A
Ms Kata Rejto-NemesCo-optedGoverning Body23/03/2015 -July '17Achievement and CurriculumClass 4 Link GovernorN/AN/A

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2016-2017

(p = present, a = apologies, r = resigned, na = absent with no apologies, x = not a governor at this time)

Full Governing Body (RECONSITUTED 23/03/15)31-Oct-1616-Jan-1707-Mar-1708-May-1719-Jul-17
Linda CollierHeadteacherPPPPP
Laura RushmerStaffPPAPP
Julie Davis (Chair of Governors - Resigned as Governor & Chair of Governors 16/01/2017)LAPPXXX
Owen Thomas (Resigned 25/02/2017)ParentPAXXX
Jo Wedgwood (Resiged as Vice Chair 07/03/2017)ParentPPPAP
Chris BojkeParentXXXPP
Kata Rejto-Nemes (Resigned 24/07/16)Co-OptedPPNAPA
Richard HornerCo-OptedPPPAA
Sue ChallisCo-Opted (Staff)PPPPP
Jodie TateCo-OptedXPPPA
Sue Shaw (Elected Chair of Governors 07/03/2017)FoundationPPPPP
Bill Pigg (Elected Vice Chair 07/03/2017)FoundationPPPPP
Vicky CrinnionCo-Opted (Staff)XXPPP
Nick MorganCo-Opted (Parent)XXXXP
Staffing, Finance and Premises06-Dec-1602-May-1727-Jun-17
Linda CollierHeadteacherPPA
Julie DavisLAPXX
Owen Thomas (Chair until resignation 25/02/2017)ParentAXX
Kata Rejto-Nemes (left SFP Cttee & joined A&C Cttee on 07/03/2017)Co-OptedA
Bill PiggFoundationPPP
Richard Horner (elected Chair of the Cttee at FGB on 07/03/2017)Co-OptedAPP
Vicky CrinnionCo-Opted (Staff)XAP
Jodie TateCo-optedXPA
Carolyn ArdenSBMPPP
Chris BojkeParentXPP
Nick MorganProspective GovernorXXX/P
Achievement and Curriculum Committee21-Nov-1613-Feb-1724-Apr-1717-Jul-17
Linda CollierHeadteacherPPAP
Julie DavisLAPNAXX
Joanne WedgewoodParentPPPP
Sue ChallisCo-Opted (Staff)PPPP
Susan Shaw (Chair)FoundationPPPP
Laura RushmerStaffPPPP
Kata Rejto-Nemes (joined the Cttee on 07/03/2017)Co-optedNANA
Chris Bojke (joined the Cttee on 08/05/2017)ParentXXattended; see belowA
Nicki GrangerSubject Leader - MathsPPP
Shelly HewsonSubject Leader - LiteracyPPP
Jill RichardsDeputy Head TeacherPP
Chris BojkeParentXXP
Pay Committee31-Oct-16
Julie Davis (Chair)LAP
Bill PiggFoundationP
Sue ShawFoundationP
Linda CollierHeadteacherP

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2015-2016

(p = present, a = apologies, r = resigned, na = absent with no apologies, x = not a governor at this time)

Full Committee(RECONSITUTED 23/03/15)14-Sep-1518-Jan-1621-Mar-1611-Jul-16
Linda CollierHeadteacherPPPP
Laura RushmerStaff GovernorXPPA
Julie Davis (CHAIR)LA GovernorPPPP
Owen ThomasParent GovernorXPPP
Jo WedgwoodParent GovernorPPPP
Kata Rejto-NemesCo-Opted GovernorPPPP
Sue ChallisCo-Opted Governor (Staff)PPPP
Sally SmithCo-Opted Governor (Parent)PAAX
Sue ShawFoundation GovernorPPAP
Bill PiggFoundation GovernorPNAPP
Staffing, Finance & Premises Committee02-Dec-1514-Mar-1626-Apr-1628-Jun-16
Linda CollierHeadteacherPAPP
Julie DavisLA GovernorPAPP
Sue ChallisCo-Opted Governor (staff)PPPP
Sally SmithCo-Opted Governor (parent)PPPX
Bill PiggFoundation GovernorNAPPA
Carolyn ArdenPeri BursarPPPP
Achievement & Curriculum Committee09-Nov-1529-Feb-1604-Jul-16
Linda CollierHeadteacherPPP
Julie DavisLA GovernorPAP
Joanne WedgewoodParent GovernorPPP
Kata Rejto-NemesCo-Opted GovernorNAPP
Susan ShawFoundation GovernorPPP
Carolyn ArdenPeri BursarPPA
Pay Committee16-Oct-15
Julie DavisLA GovernorP
Sally SmithCo-Opted Governor (parent)P
Sue ShawFoundation GovernorP
Linda CollierHeadteacherP