Elvington Home Learning Projects – Week 7

Please find below the relevant home learning tasks for week beginning Monday 18th May 2020.  Once the children complete the activities, please feel free to share these with us on our Twitter page or via the email addresses below…

If you need any advice regarding EYFS/KS1 tasks please email Miss. Palmer: c.palmer@elvingtonprimary.org.uk
For KS2, please email Mrs. Holmes: s.holmes@elvingtonprimary.org.uk

Can I please remind you that the children who attend school will be working on the same home learning tasks as those individuals staying at home. A reduced number of staff will be in school, however, I will be here each day – head@elvingtonprimary.org.uk.

A number of videos have been created for your child/ren.  Here are the links:

Miss. Rushmer has created a video via Tapestry.

Miss. Palmer’s – Phonics https://youtu.be/U1SgfrlLQto and Maths https://youtu.be/pms1D0QzG9k

Mrs. Granger’s – www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=KTW7A8T_i08&feature=emb_logo

Mrs. Holmes’ – https://youtu.be/1Y3me0PNC4A

Mrs. Haffey’s – https://youtu.be/RJNRAS6iMiA

Mrs. Marjoram’s – https://youtu.be/QHyI8ITNg6U 

Mr. Buttery’s – https://youtu.be/H7aHIVpRJ9M

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in working together to ensure the safety and well-being of all those in our school community.

Please remember that the attachments below should be viewed as a menu to select from – there is no expectation to complete everything. 

In addition, only print when necessary…     

I would like to thank those parents/carers who have submitted their completed questionnaires.  I can completely empathise with your viewpoints regarding the potential wider opening of our school. 

I have formulated a plan which adheres to the requirements stipulated by the DfE.  However, I am reluctant to distribute this until I have a better idea of potential pupil numbers, and most importantly the DfE have finalised their plans.  It is my intention to circulate the aforementioned this week…

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Andrew Buttery


Home Learning Class 1 (EYFS) – Week 7

Year 1

Home Learning Class 2 (Year 1) – Week 7

Y1+2 60 Second Fitness Challenges

Year 2

Home Learning Class 2 (Year 2) – Week 7

Y2- Place Value Problem Solving

Y2- Reading Comprehension Zoos

Year 3

Home Learning Class 3 (Year 3) – Week 7

Year 4

Home Learning Class 4 (Year 4) – Week 7

Y4 Bearded Dragon reading

Y4 maths mat 1

Y4 Spag task 6

Y4 spelling crossword

Year 5

Home Learning Class 4 (Year 5) – Week 7

Y5 Wimbledon Reading Comprehension Activity

Upper Key Stage 2 – spelling crossword 1

Y5 Maths mat 1

Y5 Spag task 6

Year 6

Home Learning Class 5 (Year 6) – Week 7

Y6 – First News

Y6 – French food tasks

Y6 – Geography Project

Y6 – Greek Myths Tasks

Y6 – Wellbeing-diary