COVID-19 Remote/Blended Learning – Curriculum Continuity

Dear Parents/Carers,

This letter outlines our contingency plans for remote/blended education, should pupils be required to access this due to needing to self-isolate, or in the event of a bubble or whole-school closure.  It is our intention during the Autumn Term to ensure pupils and families are prepared in order to easily transition into remote/blended learning, should this become necessary. 

If an individual or family has to self-isolate:

If your child is off school, but they are well enough to do work, there is a range of activities that they will be able to access by visiting  Children should also focus on their homework grids; reading books and times tables.  

If a class group bubble has to self-isolate:

If Public Health close one or more of our bubbles, or we are under local lockdown, home learning will be provided via email and the school website.  Children should also focus on their homework grids; reading books and times tables. 

If the school has to close:

In the event of a whole-school closure, teachers will revert to using email communication to set work to those pupils sufficiently well to access it.  If we are required to make provision for Key Worker/Vulnerable children, they will follow the same learning plan as those children at home.

DfE guidance on remote education – summary of key points:

  • Remote education, where needed, is high quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision: schools and other settings continue to build their capability to educate pupils remotely, where this is needed.
  • Develop remote education so that it is integrated into school curriculum planning: remote education may need to be an essential component in the delivery of the school curriculum for some pupils, alongside classroom teaching, or in the case of a local lockdown. All schools are therefore expected to plan to ensure any pupils educated at home for some of the time are given the support they need to master the curriculum and so make good progress.
  • Where a class, group or small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring pupils to remain at home, we expect schools to have the capacity to offer immediate remote education.

At Elvington Church of England Primary School we are proud of the offer that we continue to give to our local community during this global pandemic.  As schools have returned, we have outlined our responsibility to ensuring that all pupils have access to our blended and remote learning to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  The intention of this letter is not to create concern; it is however, to stipulate what will happen should the aforementioned challenges present themselves.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email:

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Buttery