Our Vision and Ethos

  •  Provide a safe, secure and supportive environment where all children feel valued and where we nurture tolerance and respect for self and others.
  • Inspire and challenge our pupils and encourage them to strive for high standards through promoting excellence and celebrating their successes and watching their confidence grow as they flourish, becoming lifelong learners.
  • Develop and nurture the Christian ethos and spiritual life on which our school was founded.
  • Value each child as being unique and precious; recognising and encouraging the development of their personal gifts and talents so that they may become active and self-motivated citizens who are respectful of the diverse world in which we live.
  • Foster curiosity and stimulate children’s imaginations by providing a varied, enriching curriculum through which children are inspired to accept and respond to challenges.
  • Help children to explore their own spirituality and to encourage a sense of self-identity and self-esteem which is firmly rooted within a framework of world diversity. Through faith and our teaching we will foster spiritual development in each child, enabling children to reflect upon their experiences, themselves, others and creation.
  • Equip our pupils with the confidence, skills and vision to succeed in a technological and fast paced diverse 21st Century world.
  • Provide a healthy, happy, inclusive, caring community, which will nurture children and give them the confidence to develop holistically.
  • Promote honesty and fairness helping us to make the right choices through being guided by our Christian beliefs.

Our Core Christian Values

Respect: To be thoughtful and considerate in all that we do by listening to others and treating property with care and respect.

Hope: To prepare for the future, always seeking to improve, and approaching each challenge and opportunity with energy and optimism.

Perseverance: To work hard with whole-hearted commitment and resilience, reflecting on our disappointments and short- comings with honesty.

Friendship: To be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community in which we can all feel valued and grow in confidence.

Thankfulness: To be thankful and appreciate all that we have whilst being polite at all times.

Trust: To speak with honesty and conviction, to listen carefully and openly, and promote strong relationships of trust and loyalty.

These reflect our Christian foundation as a Church of England School and provide the basis for everything we do.