Sports Week Overview

Children throughout school have enjoyed a range of activities as part of our Sports Week. Here’s an overview of the week:

Climbing Wall Experience

Children in KS1 & KS2 enjoyed a very special experience day, as they were able to attempt ascending a state of the art climbing wall. Trained instructors were on hand to keep children safe and ensure everyone enjoyed
the experience, which they clearly did. Climbing is one of the fastest growing sporting activities. It simultaneously develops coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, important life skills like problem-solving, goal-setting, perseverance, inner confidence and patience were developed. To quote Lydia, “I was so proud of myself for getting to the top – it was great exercise and an amazing experience!”

Sports Day

We had our annual Sports Day (in class bubbles) on Tuesday. It was great to see the effort and sportsmanship the children displayed. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from inviting parents/carers.

Mini Marathon

Lots of laps were completed as part of Wednesday’s Mini Marathon – thank you for your sponsorship of this event. Money raised from this event will help to fund some of the exciting events the school provides for the children. You can still download a copy of the sponsor form here, or please contact Mrs. Greening should you require a paper copy of the sponsorship form.

Skate Park

Sadly, due to the inclement weather, the skate park on Friday 25th June has had to be cancelled.  It is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday 30th June. Please check your child’s class Twitter feed…