Jorvik Schools Sports Partnership

JorviskSSPAs a school we are members of the Jorvik Schools Sports Partnership. We buy into this, using our Sports premium funding.

It has the benefits of:

  • Training and mentoring class teachers
  • Organising tournaments and competitions that we can attend
  • Coaching for children at lunch time, after school and during PE lessons
  • Network opportunities for our sports lead teacher

So far this year we have:

  • Mentored two teachers in gymnastics for half a term
  • Set up and run our sports leaders training, then supported in the delivery of lunchtime activities
  • Run an after school dance club for key stage two
  • Attended a cross country competition (Years 1 to 6)
  • Competed at a Year 5 and 6 tag rugby tournament
  • Competed at a Year 3 and 4 football tournament.

Through our work with the partnership we have gained the Sainsbury’s School Games Bronze award, and next we plan to work towards the silver award.